Throw Back Custom Designed School House Rock! Socks

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Corruption Junction, What's Your Function? How About the Always Classic "I'm Just a Bill?"

An absolute classic animated cartoon series that filled the minds of so many children who would eventually grow to become adults, and then forget anything that the show taught them. Yet it remains as a fond memory of a time when life was just a little easier. I wonder if anyone ever gave the Bill sitting on the courthouse steps a ride home? I'm sure he's still hanging out around D.C. living it up in a nice house driving a Mercedes with a super model wife riding shotgun. He can afford it, since he's been completely funded by corporate lobbyists and a shocking amount of elected political representatives that have zero understanding of how laws work because they're just there to push through legislation that benefits the wealthy and social elite. Anyway, buy these vintage School House Rock Socks to help you remember a time when youth and ignorance was bliss. Or if you're really feeling frisky, feel free to send some to the US Senate so it will remind them to brush up on the basics of our political system.

Too much? I went all left wing socialist liberal snowflake again, didn't I? Damn. I knew I should have just said something short and clever like "Check Out Our Retro Themed School House Rocks Designs That Will Rock Your Socks!".

Oh well.

Experience our custom designed Step Up Crew socks with comfort and fit. Step Up your performance with our completely sublimated design, poly crew athletic socks, and fully cushioned to guarantee your foot the ultimate comfort and feel.


  • Seamless Sublimated All-Over Printed Design
  • Quality Full Cushion for Ultimate Comfort
  • Premium Black Inner Threading to Ensure Your Design Doesn't Appear Faded When Stretched or Worn
  • Complete Anti-Bleed Black Sole
  • Reciprocated Heel and Toe Construction Provide the Ideal Fit and Comfort with an All Cotton Sole.
  • 42% Polyester, 28% Nylon and 30% Cotton.