Black and Yellow Toxic Nuclear Warning Sign Radioactive Socks

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Outlast the Nuclear Fallout With Post Apocalyptic Fashion On Your Feet

Whether you live long enough to fight off the hoards of mutants bred in the nuclear fallout that will inevitably leave the world a toxic wasteland, while still managing to enjoy some rest and relaxation fishing in a radioactive pool for three eyed fish or  you succumb and die from radioactive toxicity in an underground bunker with complete strangers, there's absolutely no excuse for not sporting the latest in radioactive end of the world fashion with custom socks from Step Up Apparel.

Experience our custom designed Step Up Crew socks with comfort and fit. Step Up your performance with our completely sublimated design, poly crew athletic socks, and fully cushioned to guarantee your foot the ultimate comfort and feel.


  • Seamless Sublimated All-Over Printed Design
  • Quality Full Cushion for Ultimate Comfort
  • Premium Black Inner Threading to Ensure Your Design Doesn't Appear Faded When Stretched or Worn
  • Complete Anti-Bleed Black Sole
  • Reciprocated Heel and Toe Construction Provide the Ideal Fit and Comfort with an All Cotton Sole.
  • 42% Polyester, 28% Nylon and 30% Cotton.